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SLP Classic-Dor are the value added door intricate with our priceless experience, latest manufacturing techniques and Europe Modern Facilities to assure you of the right product at an affordable price.

SLP Classic-Dor are environmental friendly and required minimal maintenance. The doors resist splitting, cracking, shrinking and delaminating, it stands up to everyday bangs, bumps and bruises.

SLP Classic-Dor available in construction core of honeycomb, semi-solid, solid and fire rated. It come in variation of single leaf, double leaf, bi-fold as well as sliding. The doors could be paint or varnish to your favour in classical or contemporary decor. Whether you are in new construction or renovating, our impressive range of design and construction suit to most architectural style you can think of.

For more enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us at slpdor@yahoo.com or call us at 05-598 9017.