construction1PLEASE NOTE:
In most cases doors are designed and manufactured specifically for a particular country and stockist and specifications will vary from those illustrated. Doors are supplied unfinished and unglazed unless specified.

1) Door exposed to direct sunlight should be finished in a light reflective colour to avoid heat absorption.
2) All doors must be hung with three (3) 100mm hinges.
3) The utility or structural strength must not be impaired in the fitting of door, the application of hardware or cutting and altering the door for lights, louvers, panels or any specified details.
4) Warping is referring to distortion within the door itself. Warp exceeding 5mm shall be considered a defect. The warp does not apply to doors that are improperly hung or do not swing freely.
5) The warp does not apply to exterior doors, which have been painted, or stained dark colours, which allow the exposed face to lose moisture through the absorption of the heat energy.
6) Immediately after fitting or before hanging, the entire door including top and bottom edges must receive one coat of undercoat and two coats of oil based paint or varnish or sealer to prevent absorption of moisture.
7) We reserve the right to amend specifications at any time, without prior notice in the interest of quality, performance and availability of materials.

We are continuing to ensure the consistency and durability of every product through step of the process and extensive test. The testing process includes:
The Cleavage Test, The Slam Test, The Soak Test and Fire Resistant Test
** SLP Classic-Dor is come with 2 years warranty from date of shipment with terms and conditions. A copy of SLP Classic-Dor Guarantee, Terms & Conditions is available on request.